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For almost 50 years, Ramus Seafood have built the most excellent reputation for
​supplying eateries, chefs and retailers with premium and wonderfully fresh fish &
Proudly being a member of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition (which sets the strictest standards of ethical sourcing and sustainable fishing in the UK), Ramus have been recognised and named Fishmonger of the Year in 2017 by The Farm Shop & Deli Awards, and rightly so!
The team at Fabulous Farm Shops HQ were lucky enough to receive fresh fish boxes
from Ramus and I can tell you, we were more than thrilled with the wonderful range
and quality we received!  

The fish arrived well packed and cool with ice and I immediately dived onto the
Smoked Mackerel Fillets. 
I know my Smoked Mackerel…well, I thought I did!

Ramus’s superb Mackerel fillets are i​ncredibly moist and the fish flakes wonderfully,
with an intense smokey taste to boot!
The best and by far the freshest I’ve ever tasted.

The generous salmon en croute was incredibly succulent, encased in mouthwatering
flaky pastry whilst the Salmon & Pepper skewers proved a big hit and a welcome
change from the usual boring burger at the family BBQ.

​I wanted a quick, easy and healthy
dinner so I simply oven roasted Ramus’s
fresh Scottish 
Salmon. This salmon is
the most tender of fillets and the deep
orange colour coupled 
with its light and
delicate taste is a melt in the mouth
experience, I shan’t forget in a 

Ramus’s fresh and smoked range of fish & seafood offers a wonderfully freshly caught
range such as Sea Bass, Raw Peeled Tiger Prawns, Cod Fillets & Fish Pie Mix.
And that’s not all!
​Ramus ALSO offer oven-ready seafood dishes which are presented, ready-to-cook
and have a long shelf-life of seven days.

This oven-ready range combines the freshest fish with Ramus’s chef’s delicious
complimentary flavours such as Chilli Salmon & Pepper Skewers, Smoked
Haddock with Mustard Butter and Salmon Fillets with Pesto Butter to name but a few….

Ramus is proud to support retailers across the UK & their retail packs (both fresh AND
oven-ready) are 
available with small MOQ’s, so if you’re considering extending your
range to include the finest fish & seafood from a highly respected supplier, then look
no further! 

Ramus’s fishmonger & delivery team guarantee that your order will arrive to you, on
time and in outstanding condition! ​​ 
Can you get a better service than that?

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