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8/11/2018 | 0 comments

After being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease back in 2012, the one thing Rana couldn’t find ANYWHERE was delicious gluten-free, crusty bread!
So, she set out on a mission to solve this problem….and thank goodness she did!
Today, Rana’s Bakery provides a wide selection of gluten-free, artisan sourdough products. By employing traditional fermentation techniques, using the finest ancient grains, Rana’s breads are packed with nutrients which is far easier to digest.
You can order freshly baked, gluten free breads, bagels, burger buns, rolls & sourdough direct from Rana’s Bakery. The choice is AMAZING and as well as everyday breads and loaves, there’s some fantastic and unusual limited editions such as Winter Spiced Sourdough
All bread is hand made to order and is baked AND posted the same day for next day delivery…How brilliant is THAT?
​If that’s not enough, you can always make your own gluten-free bread at home with one of Rana’s ingenious, Bake at Home kits.
These easy to use bread kits make delicious breads in minutes. 
Each kit includes the sourdough mix, a baking bag and parchment sheet…you just add the water! (Lordy, even I can do that!)
​This super-duper Sourdough bread mix is simple, REAL bread & not only does it taste great, but it’s also kinder on our tummies.  It’s really no surprise it’s won awards.
Thanks to Rana’s Bakery, we don’t have to go without great tasting, gluten-free breads, ever again!

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