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Set deep in the heart of the Cornish countryside, you’ll find craft distiller and creator of
artisan Cornish gins and rums, Rosemullion Distillery.

This true artisan distillery, produces small batches using their bespoke hand-built
copper still and 
with a passion for authenticity, Rosemullion only use local ingredients
and Cornish rainwater to create their traditional recipes.

Rosemullion currently have four gins and two rums and a seasonal Christmas Spirit in their range and are available in 25cl & 75cl sized bottles.

FIRST OFF and before I even begin…I feel it’s very important to note, that for a
relatively new company, Rosemullion Distillery have already been recognised by top
named awards and received international accolades for its gins and rums!

​Rosemullion Distillery launched their
first four spirits in 2018 and quite incredibly, all four, Dry Gin, Summer Gin, Spiced Rum and
Gold Rum picked up awards in the
​recognised SIP AWARDS

At this year’s San Francisco World Spirits
 Rosemullion Distillery bagged
themselves an enviable 6 awards for their
Harvest Gin, Gold Rum, Spiced Rum, Summer Gin,
Seafarer’s Gin and Dry Gin.

Rosemullion was the top ranked British made rum at both World Rum 2020 and San Francisco Spirits 2020! 

Can’t tell you how excited the Fabulous Farm Shop Team were to receive
Rosemullion’s high quality range of spirits and as the sun was out, we decided to begin
our sampling with Rosemullion’s Summer Gin

This refreshing gin is pretty darn perfect for a summer’s evening (or afternoon if you’re
that way inclined!) it’s light & crisp with a citrus twang and by adding a light tonic or
perhaps a few fresh raspberries, would make this the perfect summer tipple.

We were keen to try Seafarer’s Gin
Inspired by the salty air and stormy seas, this intriguing gin is created with a blend
of botanicals found along the Cornish coast and seaweed from the shoreline!
This is a bold and peppery gin, a definite tongue tingler, and we agreed that this high
quality gin would be best served with a simple slice of lemon.

The gorgeous tasting Harvest Gin is created with apples & plums from the distillery’s
orchard.  We all loved its strong and fruity flavour and by adding a dash of lemonade
made this a most wonderfully delicate and very distinctive gin. I shall be returning to
this scrumptious bottle…later…in private.

Based on a traditional recipe, Rosemullion’s classic & modern Dry Gin is well rounded
and incredibly flavoursome.
This fine gin is infused with seasonal botanicals such as juniper, orange and coriander
seeds (to name but a few) making this sweet and heady and leaving us with a liquorice
after note. ​
Sadly and reluctantly, we had to stop after just the one glass as it was time to move
onto Rosemullion’s Rums!

Rosemullions 100% single pot distilled Gold Rum is smooth and mellow. 
This beautiful amber rum mixes well (try it in your cocktail creations) and offers us a
moreish, sweet vanilla aroma. 

​By being bottled in this beautiful, nautical-inspired decanter, pirates are on my mind…I feel I’ve found their treasure! 

The Spiced Rum‘s pot is distilled before it’s aged and spiced. This heady, aromatic,
treacle-like rum offers us that perfect balance of sweet & spice.

Rosemullion Distillery‘s gins and rums are outstanding & would make a wonderful gift
and if you’re looking to stock high quality, authentic, traditional AND multi award-
winning spirits…look no further!

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