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​​Have you ever had a job where you have had to pinch yourself because you can’t quite believe how great it is? I had that feeling last week when I was told that we had been sent a beautiful box of 3 different rums from a small artisan distillery in Cornwall (Rosemullion Distillery) and it was our job to taste them and write a review… darn it… and I was washing my hair that night!
​Not much of a rum-drinker myself, I deferred to our team of seasoned tasters and together we created a mini questionnaire to try and keep us to the job in hand. I ordered a few mixers, filled the freezer with ice and polished all the wine glasses we owned (who knew that sipping neat rum from wine glasses and swirling it around the glass helps to distinguish the look and smells of the rum? Have I mentioned how much I love my job?)
​Sunday night, the group gathered and the rums were unveiled. I am not exaggerating when I say that there were loud exclamations and even a couple of squeals when I lifted the lid of the box to show the exquisite bottles that Rosemullion has created in which to store the rum. These bottles are literally breath-taking. 
The shape is truly caressable with a hefty cork stopper that makes a very pleasing pop when opened. The beautiful logo whirls around the front of the bottle with the liquor glistening behind it. Immediately your mouth begins to water at the very sight of them and I can imagine such happy noises emanating from any lucky recipient of these bottles at Christmas or a special occasion. They would look enchanting lined up on your shop shelf with the light glinting through them.
First up was the DARK RUM…..

We got down to business and poured out a small portion in the enormous glasses and noses sniffed, eyes closed and hands clasped round the bowl of the glass and whirled the golden-brown liquid around. Notes were made…
​Rich, elegant, sumptuous were the adjectives used for the appearance of this particular nectar. Smells conjured up were smoky caramel, brown sugar and rich sweet burnt oak.
And then we sipped… 
​Neat this rum is powerful and warming. The first sip rather takes your breath away but not unpleasantly so – it simply paves the way for a second, kinder more flavoursome sip as your taste buds acclimatise to the alcohol. It was warming and delicious and conjured up images of log fires and warm toes, a Caribbean holiday or a hip flask on bonfire night with some magical fireworks popping in the dark sky.
​I’d say it was a good start!
​Some mixed it simply with ice, some with coke and some with ginger ale and the unanimous verdict was “very drinkable”. All hands went up for buying it as a gift (and most secretly hoped they’d be getting it in their own stockings this Christmas).
​A bit of bread to clear the palate, fresh glasses and we moved on to the next beautiful bottle – the WHITE RUM.
Clear and crisp and 43% ABV, it’s not surprising that the smell of this rum when neat is pretty strong. We picked up slight floral tones but most of us needed a mixer. This is designed as a mixing rum and so it was my absolute pleasure to whip out my trusty sugar syrup, squeeze a few limes and get all Tom Cruise with my cocktail shaker. Mojitos all round with mint and more clean glasses (the washing up was EPIC) 
​That’s the way to drink it… this rum conjured up images of summer evenings, salsa dancing in Cuba, sandy toes and lapping waves, first kisses and calypso (that’s some rum!)
​Everyone was still standing and raring to move on to the third member of the trio.

The music was turned up and we unboxed the CHOCOLATE RUM.

This was presented cocooned in a stunning black box with two handmade ceramic cups to drink from.

These are thermal vessels which stop the ice from melting into the drink and diluting the rum.

​It’s a lovely presentation pack and could be a fabulous centre piece for a shop display.

​​Pulling out the stopper and pouring it into our glasses, we could see that the liquid was rich and inviting with a buttery orange colour. The smell was lush and smoky although not many could grasp the chocolate hues. Rich and dark, one taster was thrilled by it neat, exclaiming that he had found a superior substitute for dessert wine. We tried it with a side offering of dark chocolate and this went down very well. 

​A couple of us added it to black coffee which warmed us from the inside out but mixed with coke and ice was probably the winning move. A simple rum and coke and we were transported to a Caribbean sunset, sitting by the dock of a bay, everyone smiling!
​I can sum up the tasting as a joyous affair.
​The rum was delicious, the presentation exquisite and the washing up extensive.
​If I was choosing what to put on my shelves this month, I would certainly be making a space for these beautiful bottles of Cornish pleasure but, if you still need help deciding which to stock, then can I direct you to the miniature gift box – one for every day of the week (and two for Friday!)
To buy direct then click here.
Or if you would like to become a stockist of one or all of Rosemullion’s products then please contact them by email or call a member of their team on the links below.
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