Product Review – Seedball

26/02/2018 | 0 comments


​On my travels, I found this…

​Launching in 2013 the Seedball founders were originally conservation scientists & researching on how to save the world!  Yep, conservation is well & truly embedded deep in heart of Seedball and they quite clearly want to fill the world with wildflowers and help save the bees and the butterflies…starting with your garden!
​The Seedball itself is made from seeds (obvs) but also peat, compost and chili powder, thus preventing the seeds from becoming tasty ‘lil snacks for the birdies and the insects. And not only that…the seed is responsibly sourced in the UK from accredited suppliers & they only EVER use peat-free compost.  Even the funky little steel tins are made in London with help from a solar farm!
There’s 20 balls in each tin and around 30 seeds per ball. Just throw the balls onto soil or compost in a garden bed or planter. The Seedball has everything it needs to grow. No expert knowledge needed, DEFINITELY my kind of gardening…
Winners of The Gift of the Year Award 2017 (well deserved, what a great gift!), Seedball has grown (s’cuse the pun) from strength to strength and has the most brilliant range of tins to suit pretty much anyone’s taste or outside space, including a Herb mix, Tea mix, Salad mix & a Poppy mix, to name but a few…


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