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18/09/2019 | 0 comments

This fabulous company is just a baby at only 2 years old, but their vision to create a unique range of completely natural, low calorie, ready-to drink spritzers has already come to fruition

We all know, many ready-to-drink beverages are packed full with sugar & additives, but you can rest assured, that Silver Swift’s range of 100% natural botanical pre-mixed
spritzers have NO artificial nasties, no gluten and they’re vegan friendly too!

By using the delicious fruits and berries Britain’s countryside has to offer,  Silver Swift actively support home-grown industries and are dedicated to operating with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

Wild Rose Gin is a light and refreshing, beautiful blend of premium British gin, sparkling water, rose, raspberry, blackberry and a dash of lemon.
This is absolute, floral perfection when served icy cold, better still, garnish with frozen raspberries for a very civilized and very British, tipple.

​At just 98 calories you can really indulge with Silver Swifts smashing, Orchard Pear Gin Tonic.
This  gently sparkling, deliciously fresh n’ juicy blend of gin, tonic water, pear & elderflower has NO artificial flavourings or colourings and is best served with ice & a slice!
​A perfect alternative to a regular G&T.

Tipsy Iced Tea Vodka Spritz and Basil Blush Vodka Spritz have won Silver awards in The Global Speciality Spirits Masters.
Tipsy Iced Tea Vodka is created using 5 x distilled vodka, sparkling water, gooseberries, elderflower & Earl Grey.
Sounds interesting doesn’t it?
It is! 
This delicious and somewhat unusual sounding blend is not only refreshing and light, it’s also an award-winning tipple. At just 98 calories and only 5% alcohol, I reckon this is the perfect bottle of fizz to accompany your BBQ,

​Being rather partial to vodka based products, Basil Blush Vodka is what I was most keen to try….and I wasn’t disappointed
By blending premium vodka, sparkling water, strawberries and basil, Silver Swift have really created an exciting an innovative flavour here.
Not only is this low in calories, but by being only 5% alcohol, I can happily sip away at these until the cows come home, and I do, with zero guilt!

All of Silver Swift’s pre-mixed spritzers are created using British Vodka or Gin, contain 100% natural ingredients and are available in glass bottles and handy 250ml, slim cans.

The big, BIG advantage and what I love the most (apart from their unusual flavours that is) is that Silver Swifts range are low enough in alcohol that you can have a few without feeling too tipsy, whilst being light & refreshing – pretty perfect for those warmer days.

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