Product Review – Sipful Drinks

8/02/2021 | 0 comments

​What a delightful package to open especially given the lockdown; our team were so excited
to try the vibrant, colourful and elegant designed alcoholic canned drinks from Sipful!

It is nice to see, with the whole world changing its view to become more sustainable and
environmentally friendly, that Sipful Drinks have taken this on board.

The company’s founders Darius and Emily have really touched upon how people love to
socialise and these drinks make the perfect company for any such occasion with a touch of
sophistication. By
 using organic wine and 100% natural fruits, shows us the sense of care
thought gone into creating these products.

Cocktails in a Can
​Not only being vegan, gluten and dairy free, Sipful’s range come in recyclable cans. In fact, each can you pop in the recycling bin can be back on the shelf within 60 days!

It’s worth mentioning the wonderful design on the cans too, which we feel tells you
all we need to know about the exciting flavours that await!

​We sampled Sipful’s current range which consists of Organic Bubbles, Peach Bellini and
both the Orange and Blood Orange Mimosa’s.

100% natural fruit and flavours
The sweet and 100% REAL Peach Bellini was temptingly intense & before it even hit our
lips our mouths were watering, and our senses filled with summery peach delight. 
A bubbly & refreshing tipple with a superb tangy aftertaste which clearly has been expertly
mixed using selected organic bubbly.
The Blood Orange Mimosa came out on top with the team…
The exceptional flavours and the deep fruity taste made us think of those summer evenings kicking back and having a get together with friends & watching the sun go down
(remember those evenings?)

This quite delicious, totally natural, yet alcoholic cocktail, is delivered in a recyclable can,
and we’re impressed!
Let the Party Begin!
After lockdown, we believe Sipful’s premium range of cocktails will be spotted on
numerous picnic tables, at BBQ’s & festivals across the land. 

​Sipful’s​ drinks have a real honest favour and certainly a product our team would be happy
to review again… and again!


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