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Let’s face it, most of us know someone who suffers with a food intolerance.

It’s estimated that in the U.K, 2 people in 10 suffer with IBS, which not only can be
embarrassing for the sufferer, but incredibly painful OR at the very least,
uncomfortable. IBS sufferers often have to make drastic changes to their diet to help
relieve the pain & symptoms.

Thankfully, clever Sonia Fox, Director of Slightly Different Foods took matters into
her own hands when faced with a narrowing diet and has helped relieve the pain of
IBS sufferers with her fabulous
 range of delicious, low-calorie, gluten-free, no-
fuss sauces & condiments that can be confidently enjoyed by anyone that suffers
from food intolerances, vegetarians, vegans as well as those following a low FODMAP

Let’s begin with Slightly Different’s Italian range…

If you love your Italian dishes as much as I do then you’ll appreciate just how much
Italian sauces are very much a kitchen essential.

My ‘go to’ is always a bolognese. I’ve tried pretty much every jar of bolognese sauce
you can find, so I was more than keen to sample Slightly Different’s
Smooth Bolognese sauce!
I found this rich tomatoey sauce, thick and hearty with an authentic Italian
‘homemade’ taste and ​let’s not forget that this is vegetarian AND vegan, so this
proved to be HUGE hit and a brilliant all-rounder to many of the team.

The Arrabbiata with chilli sauce is packed with a punch and can be used in any
number of dishes.  This sauce has more than enough flavour to stand on it’s own
such as a breadstick dipping sauce, while the Tomato and Basil sauce is as simple as
it is delicious and oozes traditional Italian flavours.

So many specialist food products lack flavour, but NOT so for Slightly
Different’s range of curry sauces. Simply by opening the jar of the Thai Red Curry,
the aroma was mouth-watering. This low calorie sauce is a beautiful creamy

consistency laced with spices and coconut milk, whilst the fragrant and fruity
flavour of the Tikka Masala not only tastes authentic, it’s a welcome replacement
(and relief) to IBS sufferers. 
The sweet Tropical Curry sauce is perfect for a quick, healthy and incredibly tasty
meal. ​It’s full of fruit; pineapple, banana and coconut and a flavourful blend of
spices, use this to instantly tropicalise any dish!
The Slightly Kickin’ Medium Chilli sauce is simply delicious with tacos. Slightly
Different have hit the nail on the head with this bold flavour, as you get the sense of
the REAL chillies without  breaking a sweat.
​The Red Pepper and Chilli sauce is a perfect alternative to any tomato based sauce. 
Try it poured over some roasted veg, I did, and it’s absolutely divine.  If you fancy a
pizza with a kick, then I highly recommend using this
 as your base sauce.
I was very keen to try Slightly Different’s Vibrant & Syrupy Sweet & Sour sauce….
I wasn’t disappointed either.
It’s pretty incredible to think that this fruity sauce is Fodmap Friendly and has no

artificial preservatives, flavouring OR colouring!
I used this tangy sauce in a vegetable stir fry.  Why not try it with chicken or Quorn?

The Sweet Chilli Sauce does what it says on the tin (well, jar) it’s vibrant and zingy!
It makes a superb condiment for many Thai dishes and is excellent with chicken,
quorn and fish. However, if you’re looking for recipe ideas, then look no
further. Slightly Different’s recipe page will inspire you!
Slightly Different’s NEW Orange, Ginger & Chilli dressing proved very popular with
the Fabulous Farm Shop Team. I’m not going to say we came to blows over it but it
was close…

This fabulous and lightly spiced dressing is a refreshing change to your boring
mayonnaise or vinaigrette and the easiest way to add a drop of ZING to your dull

The Team summed this dressing up in just one word…. Phenomenal!
We’re already looking forward to trying new sauces from this innovative & award-
​winning company!

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