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​On my travels I came across this…

​This weekend I won the lottery, well not really, but close enough…I had a HUGE delivery from Surrey Spice arrive at my tree house.  Brilliantly packaged in a freezer cool box, full to the brim with award winning, delicious looking, home made curries. I considered gathering my feathery friends for a indulgent evening but decided this was a product review I was willing to take on alone…
​These authentic Indian meals are handmade in small batches using fresh produce, family recipes & lots of love.  There’s something for everyone’s taste, chicken and fish dishes, vegetarian and side dishes galore and they’re all gluten free.  Heat them up easily either in the microwave, in the oven or on the stove. I opted for the microwave (for speed & greed purposes) and once warming, the aroma was so spicily incredible and my mouth so watery, I’m ashamed to admit, I ate straight from the container.
Welll, saves on washing up, it’s a double whammy.
I tucked straight into the fish dish with its inviting rich red colour, it was full of flavour with just the right amount of spiciness. It’s called ‘Meen Moilee’ but I can assure you, there’s nothing mean about this dish!
Onto the ‘Chicken Xacuti’.  Yummmm, this was incredibly tasty too with a great texture. Loved the flavour of the roasted, freshly grated coconut! They say it originates from Goa. It sure was goa goa gone all too quickly. 
Loosening my belt & onto the ‘Chicken Biryani’, a tasty, boneless chicken rice dish. The hint of mint and rose water makes this the most wonderfully aromatic meal, which serves two.
​IF….. you like to share.
​All in all I had the most marvelous (albeit friendless) evening dipping in and out of an excellent selection of freshly made, home cooked, authentic creamy, mild  & spicy foods. 
If you fancy treating yourself (you so should) OR maybe planning a dinner party, you can hand pick your dishes and have your meal delivered freshly made, frozen & FOC to your door!
This surely is a brand new twist on ordering an Indian takeaway.


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