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10/11/2022 | 0 comments

The lovely people from The Good Zest Company up in Staffordshire sent us a fabulous selection of body wash for our review panel to sample. (Either that or they were hinting it was time for us to wash!)
The first impression of the bottles and the gift box itself was unanimously approved of by the team here at Fabulous Farm Shop Headquarters. The bottles are very attractive in their brushed aluminium finish, slightly shiny and beautifully heavy. They are fully recyclable and embody the ethos of the company that makes them – organic and waste free.
The presentation box was attractively decorated (and easy to wrap if you are thinking about presents… 6 weeks until Christmas – just saying!) and nestled inside were five bottles with names to make your mouth water: sweet orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, lime & bergamot – oh and a lovely little hessian wash mitt to make your skin come alive.
First impressions were great and we unscrewed the tops and passed them around for a good sniff. The Good Zest Company regularly mention that smell is the sense that is most conducive to evoking memories and emotions. Taking off the lid of these bottles is a real treat. As you inhale from the bottle, a delicious citrusy perfume reaches your nose and it really is a delight.

This is no overpowering manufactured scent but rather a freshness and lightness which is very appealing. Imagine squeezing a fresh orange and the delicate aroma that comes off your fingers when you have finished.. or chopping a lime up for your cocktail (just me?!) and the waft of citrus freshness that escapes from the knife. These are the smells we got from the bottles even before we got anywhere near a shower or a bath. 
The good folk at The Good Zest Company hand-zest all their fruits to extract the oils that go into these body washes. What a wonderful job! We were all looking forward to washing with these products.
In our own bathrooms, we poured the body wash out and made mental notes ready to share on feedback day. The consistency is excellent. A slow, viscose pour which allows you to wash with the right amount and adds to the anticipation as you wait for it to come from the bottle. Also available on the website are the pump action nozzles, if you can’t wait for the pour!
Some preferred the scent of the orange, some preferred the scent of the lime but we all agreed that the lather was perfect. Add a little water and the suds appear but they are light and completely non-greasy. The citrus hint is still there but it is not overpowering and the body wash is delicious to use.

I hate feeling “coated” in a product but this was quite the opposite .. a fresh and fruity experience.. and I didn’t leave the bathroom smelling like a fruit salad. The citrus scent doesn’t linger after you have washed. This was a positive for me. I felt clean and alive , non-greasy and ready for the day…and, another plus, the bath was left clean with no slippery residue.
One reviewer (known for his potent aftershave) wished the citrus scent had lasted throughout the day but others among us felt that it was great to feel invigorated in the shower or bath but leave the perfume in the bathroom. The majority of us felt the lightness of the body wash was attributable to its organic credentials and therefore rejoiced that we were not putting harmful or unnatural products on our skin, in our water and down our plugholes!
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All in all, our review panel gave a hefty THUMBS UP to the team at The Good Zest Company and will be recommending the beautiful products that they offer to their friends and family and to you, our readers.
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offer expires 31st January 2023
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