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3/05/2019 | 0 comments

If, like me you’re keen to support cruelty free, palm oil free AND 100% natural beauty & herbal products, then you’re reading the right review!
I’ve rather pampered myself this week with The Ilex Wood range of natural beauty products (I know, I know, tough job)
The Ilex Wood are based in Northamptonshire and create the most wonderful, herbal remedies and luxurious skin care products, including face creams, lip balms, salves and serums that smell oh-so-natural!
Top of my hit list was the ‘Boo Boo Balm
Apart from its fabulous name and the cool looking tin, The Boo Boo Balm is an all natural and soothing balm for minor cuts, sores and bruises. This little tin of healing,  herbal salve will help sooth n’ heal a wide range of common ailments.
Pop one in your handbag or in the car, as this’ll make a very handy companion, especially if 
you have little one’s, as this magical stuff will ensure there’ll be no more boo boos!

Dandelion is a natural, mild analgesic, (who knew?) so if you suffer with joint pain, sore muscles, tired limbs or even very dry and chapped skin, this luxurious Dandelion & Rosemary Salve is a herbal, vegan and a 100% natural, pain reliever, ideal for everyday aches and pain.
​I’m liking this a lot…
sure is nice to know that nothing and no one has suffered for my pain relief!

​The Rose & Frankincense Facial Serum is created using a blend of oils, infused with rose and lavender, sounds delicious doesn’t it?
Well, it is!
This natural, but luxurious & gentle serum, has left my skin glowing!
Yep, my skin is super-soft AND hydrated, so if you’re needing to perk up that tired & dull face (AND feel like a million dollars) then this natural and anti-ageing serum certainly does what it says on the tin…so to speak.
The Ilex Wood range is beauty without cruelty at its finest, with simplicity being the key.
If you’re looking for a special and thoughtful gift, then you might want to check out Ilex’s beautifully wrapped, vegan gift box with free U.K delivery.  
You’ll find
 nothing unnatural, nothing complicated & nothing toxic in ANY of Ilex’s range, which is oh-so important for today’s conscientious buyers.
Yep, The Ilex Wood proves that ​beauty really doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

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