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18/05/2019 | 0 comments

Incredibly, The Taunton Cider Co. was established way back in 1911 and thankfully,  relaunched in 2016 by a small group of cider enthusiasts (well done you people!) 
Today, once again, The Taunton Cider Co. produce a range of award-winning ciders, using traditional methods and crafted using only the finest & locally sourced apple varieties.
I’ve had a tough weekend sampling Taunton’s Original Dry Cider.
I can sum this
 dry cider up in one word: APPLES!
This is a very easy drinking cider, (too easy some may say) 
It’s refreshing & crisp but nothing overpowers the apples used. There’s an incredibly moresish twang to it which brings the feel of the countryside to me, without me even being there… 
This is a fantabulous tasting craft cider and it’s definitely not just a refreshing summer or festival tipple, this is a lip-smacking cider that’s appropriate to drink year-round.
Taunton Cider Co. combines timeless traditional methods with the contemporary craft to create outstandingly tasty ciders & as well as their Original Dry, The Taunton Cider Co. also produce Taunton Original Medium Cider AND Taunton Original Vintage Cider.
​​Both of which are bold & fruity with outstanding taste.
​This is 
real craft cider at it’s best… 
If you know a cider drinker who’d like to drink it all of the day…then here’s the perfect gift!
​Taunton’s Original Cider Gift Pack.  
Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to receive THIS?
You can buy online HERE

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