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What a wonderful way to say hello to spring with these beautiful, premium, botanical
liqueurs with fresh flavours, offered by The Whimsical Forager

The Whimsical Forager use nature in its purest form to allow its unique flavour to be
enjoyed through drinks, cocktails and even in recipes and deserts whilst the inviting and
elegant branding show the pure craftsmanship that’s happening in Cornwall.

Distilled in Cornwall and free from artificial sweeteners, colouring & flavouring. 
Whimsical Forager take their inspiration from the Cornish countryside. You can see the
vision and inspiration of their surroundings shine through within their range of artisan,
botanical liqueurs, all created using high quality fresh fruit and
Cornish Spring water.

The team were lucky enough to sample all 3 of The Whimsical Forager’s range!
From when we opened Whimsical’s Lemon and Basil liqueur, we were met with a beautiful strong citrus scent and upon tasting, the fresh tangy lemon flavour comes right on through. 
Two and a half lemons are used when creating this sophisticated tipple and with its
wonderfully refreshing zing it’s simply delicious served either on its own, over ice, as a
spritz or the
 perfect refreshing liqueur between meals. 

Upon taking a sip of the Orange and Tarragon liqueur we were instantly met with the herby fresh tarragon quickly followed by the fresh sweetness of orange.
This really is a beautifully balanced, hand-crafted liqueur which would work really well in a
Truly delicious was our overall thought. This delectable tipple went down well… too well,
even on a school night!

Before our lips even tasted the simple, pure flavours of the three ingredients within the
Nettle, Honey and Ginger liqueur, we savoured the deliciously sweet aroma of honey and
ginger. This soft, warming, earthy and incredibly versatile liqueur has the most
delightful ginger finish.
There’s a place in everyone’s drinks cabinet for this botanical beauty or perhaps  with a
generous splash, you could give your cooking the edge that is needed!

​If you don’t fancy taking the plunge and simply want to sample or experiment, all of
Whimsical Forager’s botanical liqueurs are available in not just 70cl bottles but 20cl too! 

 Indulge in Whimsical Forager’s Gift Pack
Before we end our review, it would be mad of us not to mention the gift box!
Now, this is a gift your recipient won’t forget in a hurry.
Arriving in a smart branded box, our 3 handsome bottles were nestled in a well thought out inner case and nicely padded with natural straw.
A lot of thought has gone into this design and we absolutely love it!
Everything about Whimsical Forager says, NATURAL and QUALITY. 

Whimsical Forager’s goal is to create surprising & progressive liqueurs that capture the
essence of good taste. 
Fabulous Farm Shops feel they have already accomplished this and have hit the nail on the head with their completely natural and quite exceptional, handcrafted liqueurs. 

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