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For over 20 years, Wild & Fruitful have been creating their jams, chutneys, marmalade’s and relishes from deep in the heart of Cumbria.
By using fresh and locally sourced Cumbrian produce and ingredients, Wild & Fruitful hand-make their preserves & relishes in small batches using the traditional ‘open pan’
method and every single jar is gluten & dairy free, vegan friendly AND 
100% natural!

​​Cumbrian Preserves with Provenance

​​We received a range of Wild & Fruitful’s very attractive jars of traditionally handmade,
jams, chutneys and marmalade’s and began our review with Wild & Fruitful’s 
Extra Strawberry Jam.

This jam is…well, JAM packed with summer-sweet & succulent Cumbrian strawberries.
It sure is full of flavou
r and tastes like summer, just in a jar! 
Best served on hot buttered crumpets, toasted tea cakes or even in your cake creations!
The chocoholics among us can and will indulge in the rich and dark, Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Jam. The deeply satisfying chocolate intensity contrasts brilliantly with
the sweetness of the raspberries.  A match made in food heaven for sure!

By using locally sourced damsons and with a generous splosh of Cumbrian gin, the
boozy Damson & Gin Jam offers a wonderfully rich & fruity flavour.
We served and sampled this (quite a lot actually!) on warm buttered bread and loved
both the tartness & the

The Pear & Stem Ginger Jam offers a sweet, deep warming flavour, making this a great
alternative and a natural sweetener in your porridge on a cold winters morning!

The chunks of ginger within Wild & Fruitful’s Seville Orange & Ginger Marmalade gives
us a powerful and welcome kick, add this to the delicious combination of spice &
citrus, for a mouth watering & moreish toast topper. Great for baking too!

Just a twist of the lid and you’ll immediately detect the whisky in the Seville Orange
& Whisky Marmalade
This zesty marmalade is deliciously mellow and warming. We recommend serving on
warm toast for a decadent and boozy breakfast.

The fruity, yet spicy Curried Cumbrian Relish is packed with apricots and apples
making this a 100% natural, mouth watering AND an interesting accompaniment to
any meat dish, especially to your curry.​
The dark and deeply spiced Cumberland Chutney has to be the favourite for the
traditional Ploughman’s and we all readily agreed that this would complement any
A staple for every fridge. 

​The tropical flavours of Wild & Fruitful’s Mango Chutney combined with the 
wonderful blend of garlic, chilli, ginger and spices makes this the tastiest mango
chutney around. 
 You can either stir in a spoonful to liven up your curry OR just

The perfect combination of fruits, spices and locally brewed ale goes into Wild &
Fruitful’s hearty Keswick Ale Chutney
This chutney is simply delicious as a sandwich filling and terrific with cold meats,
cheese or pies.

You can taste the sweet apricots and juicy apples in the Fruity Lakeland Chutney.
This well balanced chutney is sweet & spicy (with a little punch) and an excellent
condiment for cold meats and burgers too!
​We believe that the Wild & Fruitful range is a pretty fabulous option for farm shops who are looking for artisan, handmade, perfectly natural preserves & refined relishes…

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