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21/03/2019 | 0 comments

​Been feeling a tad hot under the collar this week after a little box arrived on my doorstep!
Might have been a little box but BOY, it sure was bursting with the most incredible aromas!
Zepice produce handmade artisan Mauritian spice blends, using traditional family recipes that have been passed down the generations and after nigh on a week of getting creative with some of these spices, I thank the lord that these authentic blends have made it through the ages…
Using only freshly ground ingredients, Zepice blends of spices & their authentic curry powders are available in varying strengths depending on your pallet.
I sampled the versatile, Oak Smoked Medium Curry blend and the immensely rich aroma had my mouth watering before I had even laid the table! 
hat more can I say, other than delectably delicious.
Good to know that each blend is carefully created & prepared to compliment various proteins and you’ll find NO artificial colourings, NO thickening agents and NO artificial flavourings in Zepice’s range.
Yep, it’s ALL natural and is even suitable for vegans AND vegetarians! 
The aromatic and authentic, oak smoked curry blend is rich, deep and intense with an exotic burst of flavour. The carefully selected combination of spices ensures that this really DOES taste as good as it smells!

Zepice’s oak smoked sea salt is perfect to season your dish or simply to use as a rub to enhance your adventurous Asian creation!

The carefully balanced ratio of green, black, white, pink & green peppercorns in Zepice’s mixed peppercorn jar, will ensure your dish achieves its full flavour.

You’ll enjoy a taste from another era with Zepice’s Maple & Cherry Demerara sugar.
Tantalise your taste buds and add this smoked & aromatic sugar in your morning coffee. 
​OR you could try this versatile sugar on your waffles, cereal, in your baking or simply as a topping?

​​It’s pretty clear that Zepice are passionate about their spices and curry powders (I am too now)
There’s no excuse NOT to spice up your life with Zepice.
Check out their recipe page for all the inspiration you may need and ENOUGH of those dull dinners!

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