Singing in the Rain

31/05/2024 | 0 comments

By Roz Hartley

What is it with this weather?

​As I write, the crack of blue sky I was excited about earlier has been obliterated by a thick, angry, black cloud in the shape of an upside-down Donald Trump and fat raindrops are falling on my patio and my evening plans. My washing has been in and out and in and out and, quite frankly, I have not found the hokey cokey as amusing as I used to. The cricket season has not got off to a good start with 6 out of 7 fixtures cancelled due to wet, soggy pitches and don’t start me on what this climate is doing to my hairstyle. 

The only saving grace that I can cling to is that my veggie plot is looking lush and I haven’t had to lug a watering can around every evening although, even that yin, comes with the unhelpful yang of a prolific slug population.

​For anyone organising a village fete or a wedding, frantic weather app checking must have become obsessive and the poor old weather men/women have even been seen to shrug their shoulders in front of the camera and admit to not really knowing if you are going to get sun in Hull and showers in Hove or the other way around.


Chelsea vegetables

I was glued to the weather app last week when I headed up to Chelsea having been offered a ticket to the flower show. My first visit and I was crazily excited. I packed a bag of sun cream, raincoat, sunhat and umbrella just to cover all the options…and yes, I needed them all. Unfortunately, by the afternoon, the rainclouds dominated, the paths had become a muddy mess and the show gardens were hard to glimpse between the myriad of umbrellas and moaning visitors.  I retired to the Pimms’ tent where a single plastic cup of ice, lemonade and a sniff of alcohol set me back a whopping £16. 


​The train ride home got me musing as I stared out at the passing countryside through steamed up windows. It’s good to venture out and about to see the sights every now and then even if it’s just to reaffirm that local is best. A lovely cup of coffee and a beautifully baked slice of something sweet in my local farm shop seems a total bargain after Chelsea and I can stay out of the rain in their snug little café. What more could you need?

​Must dash – the sun is out and my washing needs to shake it all about.


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