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January often gets a real bashing. Money is tight after Christmas and there are a whole 31 days to get through until payday. It’s cold and grey or wet and murky and, gosh, those long dark evenings…don’t they seem interminable? Your best friend is doing “dry January” (why, oh why, would you do that to yourself?) which means there’s one less person with whom to drown your January blues, and worst of all, in my case, cricket season is a hell of a long way off!  No wonder January is now the proud owner of its very own depressing day accolade, Blue Monday – apparently THE MOST depressing day of the year (the third Monday of the month).


According to Wikipedia, the man who put together an elaborate equation to work out the most depressing day of the year (surely there are better ways to spend your time? Cricket, anyone?) said that it was “never his intention to make the day sound negative“, but rather “to inspire people to take action and make bold life decisions”

Winter vegetable at Jolly Nice Farm Shop, Gloucestershire

Well, January and its 31 days are now behind us and we can use February to make our bold life decisions. The days are definitely growing longer and hopefully the soil will begin to warm up and allow me to get a fork into it without too much effort. The farm shops are full of fabulous locally grown produce with apples and pears in the fruit baskets and cabbage, beetroots, leeks, parsnips and kale taking their turn to shine as the fantastic seasonal options for dinner.

“Oi Oi Savoy”
a beautiful savoy cabbage on sale
at the Railway Farm Shop, Suffolk

​Customers will be emerging from their January slump, ready to spend on some Valentine’s day home-reared steak and British grown flowers and all those dry Januaryers will be itching to try their local cider, gin or other favourite tipple which they have dreamed of for 31 days. 

We, at Fabulous Farm Shops, have come up with our own equation and calculated that the second Friday in February will be the best day of trading in Farm Shops across the land so far for 2023. We’re calling it #freakingfabulousfarmshopfriday and we hope it gives #bluemonday a run for its money.


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