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A Staffordshire based company, taking advantage of the demand for high quality hair & skincare
products made from organic ingredients  ​

The Organic Sector booms in the UK

The organic food and drink market is expected to grow by 13{650a267a6dfc0c56292df9f4411de9160c0ac02671db1e1ee03f984da437e88e} from 2022 to 2030 – an amazing projection considering the challenges facing us economically and politically. More impressive still, is the remarkable growth levels of over 15{650a267a6dfc0c56292df9f4411de9160c0ac02671db1e1ee03f984da437e88e} for the organic hair & skincare market in 2021 alone.
The UK’s organic hair & skin care market has reported its 11th consecutive year of growth (UK Soil Association Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Market Report) with the organic hair care segment topping the charts. Like the impressive rise in sales of organic hair & skin care products, farm shops are another ‘feel-good’ UK success story. As the high street has struggled, British farm shops have experienced a resurgence. This is also true for the UK organic hair and skincare industry. 

​Farm shops are a force to be reckoned with

As any business owner knows, to grow and thrive you must be able to identify the motivations of your customers and successfully predict new trends in order to adapt quickly. Never has this been truer than when looking at how farm shops continue to evolve by embracing new product categories whilst maintaining their unique point of difference from the high street – a total focus on supporting British producers, the assurance of better quality produce and broadening the choice of products available from butchery, deli and bakery to gifts, beauty and home.
​Farm shops are uniquely placed to capitalise on the UK increase in sales of organic hair &  skincare because both industries share the same values of ‘quality ingredients’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘natural’ ethos. The Staffordshire based organic & waste-free hair & skincare brand ‘The Good Zest Company’ ( is leading the way with its award-winning range that has at its heart a staple product available at every self-respecting farm shop….the humble citrus fruit!  All of their zesty hair & skincare products are free from synthetic scents and are, instead, naturally fragranced with the uplifting and zingy aromas of either lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges or mandarins. 

“We are receiving more enquiries than ever from farm shops wanting to stock our organic, vegan and sustainable hair & skincare. this is fantastic and a natural partnership as we have many shared values around authenticity of ingredients and sustainability” 

Rose Sergeant – Founder of ‘The Good Zest Company’.
The Good Zest Company is offering all readers of the FABULOUS FARM SHOPS’ blog the opportunity to stock its zingy hair & skincare products with the special introductory offer of 10{650a267a6dfc0c56292df9f4411de9160c0ac02671db1e1ee03f984da437e88e} off all orders over £100. Also, to support smaller members, they will waive minimum order quantities for a limited time only. Want to know more? Zest Please!
Contact for catalogue and pricing or check out the complete zesty range here

Christmas Wholesale Brochure & Pricing

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