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Goats of the Gorge Ltd

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Introduce yourself & tell us a little bit about your business
​My name is Nick King and I run the family business “Goats of the Gorge Ltd” with
both my sons. We manufacture goat’s milk skin care products, offering a range of
cruelty-free cosmetics particularly helping those with eczema and psoriasis to maintain healthy skin.
Where are you based?
​We work out of the old dairy at Fairseat Workshops near Chew Valley Lake in
When did it all begin?
​You could say it all began in 2014 when, as a serving police officer, I
suffered a black out whilst on duty, resulting in various hospital tests where my diagnosis showed I had osteoporosis. A consultant advised me to start drinking goat’s milk. At the time, I had no idea of the benefits – particularly of the high levels of
calcium it offers – also vitamin A which is beneficial in skin care routines.
Why did you start making your product and where did your inspiration come from?
​After 6 months, I was taken off the calcium tablets and told to continue drinking the goat’s milk. During this time, I carried out some online research where I
discovered the benefits of using goat’s milk in skin care products.
How did you learn your trade?
​I decided to attend a soap school in the Cotswolds where I learnt the basics of
cold process soap making. From there, I went on to create my own palm-free recipe and started making goat’s milk soap. After numerous hours of experimenting, I
developed the extensive range of goat’s milk skin care products we now sell.
What motivates and drives your creativity?
​Seeing our products available on shop shelves and receiving customer feedback. I love hearing how it has helped with various skin complaints.
What is your typical working day like and how do you balance it with family life?
​We arrive at our unit about 7am and first turn on the melting pots containing coconut
oil and shea butter. We start to remove about 500 soaps from their moulds from
the previous day, place the soaps on curing baskets, where they sit for a minimum
of 4 weeks, before they are ready for sale. Once all soaps are removed, the oils will be ready to pour, and we can begin our soap-making process.
​We wear eye protection and gauntlet rubber gloves to remove the frozen blocks of milk from the freezer and place them in a large bowl then slowly add alkaline causing the milk to dissolve into liquid form.

We then heat olive oil and add this to the natural solid oils, blend this with the milk and pour into the moulds.
Are you doing anything to reduce the impact on the environment?
​We source milk for our soap-making just half a mile from our soapery and we do not
use palm oil. We avoid plastic containers, where possible, and our packaging is eco-friendly. We are registered cruelty-free, and we do not use any commercial machinery as all our manufacturing is by hand.
When your business is your passion what do you do in your spare time or to give yourself a break?
​I enjoy watching Bristol City play their home matches. On a Sunday, I always like
to travel to visit a National Trust location or a coastal visit with dinner out. If I stay at
home, I get drawn into working on the laptop!
Who would you be most excited about getting an order from and why?
​We have invested so much money into our re-branding and feel our products would look amazing in a national chain, like Holland & Barrett or Boots Pharmacy. This would allow our business to expand and offer further local employment.
Whats been the most fun or challenging part of your business?
​The most fun is loading up courier vans with our stockists’ orders and taking
sacks of online orders to the post office.
If you had to describe your business in one line, what would it be?
​A family run business producing hand-made, goat’s milk, cruelty-free, skin care products using natural oils.
What inspires you to keep making things?
​The fabulous feedback that we get from our customers prompts us to keep making and to keep increasing our range

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