Will life ever really be the same after COVID-19?

31/05/2020 | 0 comments

​By Darren Windsor
Image Retail Solutions Ltd
Director ​

That’s a very good question, and opinions strongly differ, but one thing we can
probably all agree on is that change is upon us right now, and things won’t be back to
normal for a long time yet.

Social distancing is already becoming the new norm and retail has had to change, even
if only for the short to medium term.
So how are businesses adapting to the new challenges they face?

​As a retail solutions provider to the small, independent sector we deal quite actively
with small rural businesses. There’s certainly a lot of uncertainty about and a lot of
questions being asked, but as always, technology offers a multitude of options. And the
recent pandemic isn’t the only reason why retailers should be looking at the way they
do business.

A lot of people we speak to don’t appreciate what opportunities there are out there for
increasing revenue and routes to market. Perhaps surprisingly (at least to us as a
technology provider), a lot of people we speak to still don’t even have a website that
they can do business through. The most cited reason why not is cost, second to that is
complexity – where do you start?

And I can understand why – when your interest is in growing or selling produce, you
won’t necessarily be an expert in ecommerce, nor have the time or patience for it. One
of the issues many people have with IT and technology is the pace with which it
moves; even having an interest in the industry it can be hard to keep up with it all!
And that’s where we come in.

​Faced with the recent lockdown we’ve been contacted by a deluge of retailers and
hospitality businesses needing help to adapt to the changing landscape, and the new
​ways we all need to do business. Not just those that can’t trade, and who are looking at
ways to re-open, but often those that can, who have seen unprecedented demand for
their goods and who just want to do things 
better – who want to cope with the influx
of delivery orders, for example. Some of these have seen their delivery orders
skyrocket but just can’t cope because they’re still taking orders by phone or facebook

This is where our new Deliverappy smartphone app comes in, as just one example of
how we’re helping the sector to adapt.

​Registering as a retailer lets you sell your goods and produce through the app with the
minimal of effort – just add your products, snap a picture and set your prices.
Customers find your store on the app, order and pay – you receive the order, pick pack
and deliver!

​And it’s not just deliveries – you can also use the app for click & collect too (or instead)
and those that operate an onsite café or eatery might be pleased to know that the app
also supports table orders.

For those wanting to dip their toe in ecommerce but without the expense, Deliverappy
is a cost effective way to do just that, with registration from only £95+VAT (compare
that to the cost of a website!) and no monthly charges. It’s simpler to operate than a
website and you do it all from your smartphone. There’s not even a need to have a PC
in the store if you don’t have one (nor broadband, so long as you have a mobile signal).
​It’s paperless too, so a truly “green” solution.

​An increasing number of consumers are now preferring to buy through smartphone
apps, and apps encourage loyalty more so than a website based shopping cart. And it’s
not just millennials – it’s a common misconception that the aging population don’t like
their tech, with almost 70% of over 75s owing a smartphone according to a 2013 ONS
survey (we expect the figure to be even higher than this now). For those wanting a
bespoke experience for their patrons, Deliverappy is also available as a “white
labelled” product – and this is something that is exciting the community more than
the Deliverappy app itself. With our white label solution your business can have its
very own app in the app store, under your own name and branding, exclusively for
And the way we’ve done this makes it extremely cost effective for small businesses. 
Deliverappy is all about supporting and promoting local businesses who work so hard to serve their local communities, and as a platform we want to do what we can to help
support this sector that is so often-times forgotten. Certainly as a platform we’ve got
big plans to work with rural associations and charities to help the sector adapt to what is now a changing world.


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