zero waste refill hub: a sustainable future for retail

30/03/2021 | 0 comments

Introducing Zero Waste Refill Hub
Zero Waste Refill Hub for creating personalised plastic free shopping
Zero Waste Refill Hub recognises the urgent climate impacts of waste and has been designed to assist retailers of all sizes to dramatically reduce food waste and help eliminate single use packaging.
At Zero Waste Refill Hubfounded by Gary Kemp, a business owner and retailer consultant with over 40 years experience, we provide you with everything you need to establish a package free bulk food department.
If space is limited, we can design a unit from just a metre in width.
Our goal is to encourage people to avoid waste and recycle. In turn this will raise
awareness of environmental waste issues and lead to essential behavioural changes.
This system can also benefit your customers as it saves them money by buying products in greater quantities.
This will in turn be a great business opportunity and deliver improved margins.
What do we Offer? 
Our services take you from start to finish,
​planning, installation, product sourcing and aftercare.
We can help you with:
  • Designing the dedicated look and feel of your department with the space available.
  • Guiding you on the best quality shelving concepts from our suppliers, including metal stand alone units and wooden themed structures. 
  • Giving you the best product range appropriate to your customers requirements. 
  • Assessing the best dispenser type (gravity or scoop bins) suitable for each product.
  • Guiding you with digital weighing scales with printed labels.
  • Providing you with instore graphics, instruction boards, ingredients and pricing labelling. 
  • Delivering a best practice guide on running a zero-waste department.
To date, we have collaborated with many major retailers including Heart of England Co-op,
Budgens and Filco.
Receiving positive comments from both the retailers and their customers.
Could you benefit from this exciting initiative to deliver sustainable shopping in
your business and for your community?

Please contact us for a friendly chat to discuss your requirements of how we may be able to
help you.
More information is available through our website and you can also follow us via our social
media pages (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) to receive updates on what we do.


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